The 2019 Back Alley Reboot is Upon Us!

Hey everyone, it’s that time of year! Put away the decorations, discard anything that smells like cinnamon and send those kids back to school! Most importantly, it’s time for a REBOOT!
This year’s Reboot Challenge will run for 1 month and will again include components of fitness, nutrition, sleep, mobility, hydration…and of course Katy’s surprise weekly challenges!
The challenge was going to be $20, but since we want you all to be looking fly in your Back Alley shirts, we’re making it FREE!
So no excuses! Click HERE, get signed up, pick your nutrition plan and goals, and January 14th it’s time to REBOOT!

Defeating Demons

“I didn’t know how to do anything, I didn’t know how to do a squat, I couldn’t do one pull-up, I could not do one thing when I started CrossFit, and what I saw was that there was a path and there was a way, and there is always a scaled movement that will move you further into the proper movement that you’re aiming for. Then I figured out that if you don’t abuse yourself, you won’t quit, and then if you don’t quit, you will get there”

We were lucky enough to get to know April over the years when she when she was visiting Phoenix. Here’s her story.

Member Profile: Jill B.

If you haven’t met Jilly Bee then, well… you’re missing out. Not only is she a great mom (just ask her daughters) but she’s the epitome of humble.

When you see her, give a wave… a high five… maybe even a hug!?

Training Tip: Shoulder Mobility

Shoulders play such a KEY role into front squats and overhead squats (OHS). Coach Melissa walks us through mobility movements to hit the shoulders… and the best part is that she explains why we do it and gives us parameters to work with.

Watch me squirm on the foam roller as I attempt to move as coached. NOTE, I found a few spots that really gave me the feels!

Training Tip: The Shoulder Presses

Coach Melissa walks us through the Shoulder Press, Push Press and Push Jerk with both dumbbells and a barbell. Press… Dip, Drive, Press… Dip, Drive, Push Under, Stand Shoulder Press/Push Press/Push Jerk Points of Performance

Shoulder Press/Push Press/Push Jerk Points of Performance:

Shoulder Press Points of Performance:

  • Neutral spine
  • Weight in the heels
  • Bar moves in a straight line
  • Full range of motion

Push Press Points of Performance:

  • Position: Vertical torso
  • Timing: Speed up after the dip
  • Timing: Core/hips to extremity

Push Jerk Points of Performance:

  • Full hip extension
  • Receiving position

Coach Profile: Nick

Introducing our newest coach… Nick Gehling! Nick is a certified trainer via the National Strength & Conditioning Association, and also has a certifications in Medical Experience Training and Functional Strength.

2018 Spring Clean Challenge

Who’s ready for a little Spring Cleaning?! 

Spring is upon us, which means it is time to “clean” out some of the bad habits we may have acquired in those “cold” winter months and start fresh!

The Spring Clean Challenge starts April 2nd and runs through the 22nd!  Each day, you will be given 5 tasks to complete (see below).

Take out the “TRASH”: This Challenge is a little different from the last. For the nutrition portion, you choose what you are going to eliminate from your diet!  This can be as easy as eliminating sugar, grains, dairy, alcohol, or as complex as going strict Paleo for the entire challenge. Anything goes as long as you make a plan ahead of time and stick with it! You will earn 5 points daily for compliance /sticking with your goal or 0 points for not.. These points will be logged into you food journal in the Wodify Rise app.

Getting After It: Our goal is 30 minutes of daily activity.  You will earn 5 points for workout completed at Back Alley (CrossFit, Fitness, HIIT or CorePower).  4 points earned for 30 minutes of activity outside the gym and 0 points for no activity. Points will also be logged daily into Rise app.

Sweet Dreams: Because of people schedule and lifestyles, we are not setting an exact number of hours to sleep. We are having you set your sleep goal at the beginning of the Challenge and asking you to stick to it.  7.5-8 hours is a good rule of thumb. 3 points for hitting your sleep goal, 0 for not.

Hydration:  As it gets hotter, we are upping our hydration goal.  To find a good place to start, divide your body weight by 2/3 (.66) That number is the ounces of water you should strive for daily!  (Ex. 150 lb x .66= 99 oz of water daily)  3 points for hitting your hydration goal, 0 for not.

Adding in the Good Stuff: Unless you are consistently eating a wide variety of organic produce, grass-fed beef, wild-caught fish, and pasture-raised chicken or pork, you will find it hard to get a full profile of the nutrients your body really needs for optimal health no matter how hard you try. That’s why are adding supplements to this challenge! This can be vitamin D, omega-3 fish oil, probiotics, etc. Kelly Liston will be holding an amazing & FREE gut health class before the challenge on Saturday, March 31st at 11 am. She will have many ideas on things to help support that gut!   3 points daily for taking supplement, 0 if not.

Accountability: We know that it is so much easier to get through these Challenges if you have a buddy to keep you accountable. For this Challenge, you will pick an accountability partner.  This person can be participating in the Challenge or a friend/ family member not participating. Your job is to check in with that person throughout the week. You will receive 5 points at the end of the week for staying connected with your accountbility partner.

*Stay tuned for opportunities to earn bonus point throughout this challenge as well!*

After you have completed a task, or by the end of the day, you will input your points into the Wodify Rise App.  Make sure you input your points BEFORE 12am (midnight) each day!  If you forget to log points, your score will come in as a zero for that day! 

How to sign up

The challenge is absolutely FREE for all Back Alley members! Not a member? No problem!

We have a special membership just for the challenge. 6 weeks of BA|HITT + the 3 Week Challenge for $125. If you hate it (you won’t), just cancel online before the end of the challenge and that’s it, no strings attached. Want to keep the momentum? Keep it going for only $99/month. Don’t miss this!!!

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4 Myths about CrossFit That Might Surprise You

4 Myths about CrossFit That Might Surprise You

I won’t “fit” in.

When you show up to a CrossFit gym, you’ll find a different scene than the one you saw on television. Guess what else? You might be farther along in your fitness journey than other people attending the class…

It’s surprising, but one of the biggest factors keeping people from the gym is not being as fit as they want to be. What a catch-22! So, before you rule yourself out from being able to complete the Workout of the Day (or “WOD” in CrossFit lingo) let’s try to view the situation with fresh eyes.

As CrossFit has grown in popularity you’ve seen the well-muscled men and women of the CrossFit Games. As you watch them run, jump, and hoist tremendous weights overhead you think to yourself “I could never do that.”

So, what do you need to do? Try to reach out to a local CrossFit gym and see what it’s like. Like in the popular romantic comedy, Hitch, when the date doctor played by Will Smith teaches his client to move in for a kiss. The man moves in 90% of the distance and lets the woman come in for the final 10%. That’s where CrossFit is going to meet you. By opening the door, you will have access to a supportive and accepting community.

Your coach will help you “scale” to give a similar workout as those athletes on TV. The difference will be with lighter weights, shorter duration, or fewer repetitions. Everyone has unique strengths and weaknesses, but they are always there for each other.


CrossFit will make me too big/bulky.

Getting too muscular is a common fear that many women have when they deliberate strength training programs. Developing bigger muscles is a process called hypertrophy. Hypertrophy will occur with a consistent resistance training routine. Training volume, caloric consumption, and hormones all play an important role in the growth of new muscle. Any person you see that appears to muscular may spend as much time training as you do at your full-time job. With that said, it’s one piece of the puzzle and most likely won’t happen on accident.

Most athletes find that lose inches in all the right places even with increased muscle. Clothes fit better, they have a healthy appetite, and even look better naked!


Don’t a lot of people who do CrossFit get injured?

Do people get injured participating in CrossFit. Yes.

They also get injured while jogging, moving furniture, walking their dogs, and shaving their legs in the shower. Injuries come from a lack of focus, preparation, or by not listening to our bodies. In fact, the injury incidence in CrossFit fits into a category with most other recreational training activities.

The functional movements used in CrossFit model the movements we complete in everyday life. Practicing fundamental movement patterns reduces the risk of injury and helps us become more confident and competent. A quick internet search will show you the tremendous success stories of individuals who have used CrossFit to overcome past injuries and debilitating diseases.


CrossFit will make me worse at my sport.

If you have concerns, talk to a CrossFit gym who has trainers with experience in your sport of choice; football, baseball, triathlon, golf, and snowboarding athletes all can use the CrossFit method. CrossFit can support their sport with workouts built around the various stages of their competitive season.

CrossFit is “constantly varied functional movements performed at high intensity.” It is a system of general physical preparedness (GPP). Being more prepared can benefit all athletes as they adapt to and overcome the rigors of their sport.

CrossFit is also designed to increase work capacity. Moving loads that are heavier, moving them faster, or moving them farther are all examples of increased work capacity. A football player who can perform more work will be stronger on each play he participates in. Increased work capacity will help an individual and team succeed in any sport!

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