Back by POPULAR demand: the 2016 Back Alley Burpee Challenge kicks off July 1st, 2016!

There are all kinds of challenges: Fitness challenges, weight loss challenges, social media challenges, hot dog eating challenges…There’s only one challenge that encompasses them all: The Back Alley Burpee Challenge!

After a one year hiatus (to recover), it’s back, and bigger than ever!

The challenge is simple. 1550 burpees in 31 days!

The cost is $20 (which is what gets you the killer one-of-a-kind shirt)

Here’s a quick list on why we choose burpees for the ultimate fitness challenge.

1. Burpees are awesome
2. Burpees suck
3. You want people to like you, and people like people who do burpees
4. Your friends will appreciate and actually get more fit from looking at pics of you doing burpees.
5. Your commemorative shirt with make you 10% more desirable.

The Guidelines:

1. Burpees may be completed all at once or partitioned thoughout the day!
2. You may not do burpees in advance for the next day; however, you can make burpees up the following day if you forgot or you needed a rest day!
3. Burpees in airports, on the beach, at the dentist’s office, or on vacation are highly encouraged!
4. Get creative & share your best burpee pics (you might even win something awesome if your photo is worthy)!
5. Be sure you are physically fit to do burpees. If you are not fit to do burpees, never lay down, because you will never be able to get back up.