Why Back Alley?

Most people try to include exercise as part of their day to day regimen for many reasons: Physical health, mental clarity, weight loss, strength building, and sport. But where do you start? Do you run? Do you hike? Do you join a gym and make your own plan? Do you try a new Yoga class? There’s no wrong choice, doing something is always better than doing nothing. The key to lifelong fitness is finding something is challenging, exciting and constantly changing.

CrossFit: You’ve heard about it, but what is it really?

“All CrossFit workouts are based on functional movements, and these movements reflect the best aspects of gymnastics, weightlifting, running, rowing and more.” For lack of better words, CrossFit is practical fitness. It uses a level of intensity through functional movements that allows the body to achieve more results in less time. This doesn’t mean you’ll “bulk up”. What this does mean is you and your body will have the ability to adapt to fitness that relates to everyday life while promoting a measurable gain of strength and resilience. And yes, this does lead to a rockin body, and who doesn’t want that?!!!

Back Alley has welcomed in some new faces recently, let’s have a few of them tell you their why.

“I started because I wanted to continue to push my fitness in a new and challenging environment.” -Lisa

“From the moment you walk in the door one of the many coaches greets you immediately and gives you the tour of the gym. “You might do therapy, retreats or a 12 step program but finding a supportive network of people you find in here is why I choose BA. I think of it like finding a new tribe that supports you in your fitness goals. I love walking through the door. The smell of Metal and chalk knowing that the class before me just put in work and now it’s my turn.” -Niza

“I graduated nursing school in May and wanted to get back in shape and really take my fitness to the next level. Crossfit to me seemed like the perfect way to go. I know Shana from high school and she told me how awesome BA is…. and the rest is history!” -Rachel

“I chose BA because everyone was really friendly. Helpful, and down-to-earth. I enjoy spending my time there.” -Tiffanie

“I joined BA because of the group fitness aspect. I got tired of working out alone and needed people to help push me and support me. BA has helped me appreciate fitness again and helps hold me accountable.” -Tonya

“I chose BA because I was interested in trying CrossFit and I work at impact so it was close by. I went to my first class and loved it! The couch was super helpful and everyone is very welcoming and supportive!” -Emily

“My friend highly recommended BA so I joined her for a Saturday friends and family event. I loved the sense of community, great coaches and warm welcome I received so I signed up for the two week trial. I was thankful for a warm welcome from Billy who made me feel comfortable my first day. My next two workouts the coaches have been extremely helpful and have encouraged me along the way! I never feel alone or lost which I felt with previous places. BA offers such a great experience I will be signing up as a member for sure!” -Jessica

“I hope you like pain.” Those were the words a Back Alley coach half-jokingly told me before my first class. I thought to myself, “Who in their right mind would like pain?” My wife gave me a Back Alley trial membership for Father’s Day because I’d been in a workout rut.  Every workout, I was doing same old thing over and over — day after day, month after month, year after year. I was maintaining, but I wasn’t pushing myself. Well, that all changed with Back Alley. Since joining, the Back Alley team has pushed me to get better and stronger. From squat madness, to insane ab workouts, to rope climbs (and a few rope burns), I’ve definitely felt the pain. It’s been a long time since I’ve pushed myself hard enough to get sore. But now I am — over and over. Even when I can’t move, I know I’m on the road to results, and it makes me smile. During the day, I feel more energized, and I’m looking forward to working out again. I’m grateful to the Back Alley team for teaching me and the other members that, even when you think the tank is empty, there’s always a little more to give. And guess what? I’ve not only learned to like workout pain, but, thanks to Back Alley, I’ve learned to love it. -James