Meet Kelly! 

Kelly has been crushing it at Back Alley for almost 2 years! She is a mother of 3, wife and health advocate and enthusiast! She spends her days educating others on Real Food Lifestyle where she promotes healthy life food choices by using her kitchen as her “experimenting lab” to purse her passion in creating a nourishing diet for herself, family, and her clients. Aside from being a health food enthusiast, this busy mom continues to better herself and health at Back Alley CrossFit. Not only will you find Kelly participating in the daily WODs on Monday’s, Wednesday’s, and Fridays, but you will also find her putting in some extra work doing small group training with her coach Melissa. When Kelly started, she never imagined she’d doing be rope climbs, pull-ups, and handstands…now the results speak for themselves!

What was your workout routine like before Back Alley? 

Before I joined Back Alley my workout routine was pretty much non-existent. I did nothing. I had tried to get into running, but stopped because I didn’t really enjoy it. I had also done a few gym memberships, but gyms were so boring to me, so I stopped.

Do you remember your first day? What was it like? 

I absolutely remember my first day!!! I was terrified. A friend had told me about Back Alley and what she described sounded like something I might actually like. Having no exercise routine and desperately wanting to do SOMETHING, I decided to do a free trial. I convinced my sweet friend, Jenna, to do it with me. Honestly, without someone I knew by my side, I am not sure I would have had the guts to walk in that door. My VERY first class was rope climbing drills and handstand drills. Going through rope drills I didn’t believe I would ever be able to do something like that. I watched people climbing ropes and thought to myself, “I don’t think I will ever be able to do that. And handstands??? Those FREAK me out!” Everyone was so welcoming and honestly, it was the coaching that made me feel like Crossfit was something that I could do. So, I decided to give it a shot, and I haven’t looked back!

What is it like coming to Back Alley now? 

Exciting!!! The community is amazing. Everyone is so friendly and so supportive. The workouts are challenging, fun and never the same. The coaching is phenomenal!! It just feels so good to move my body and challenge it to do new things. I actually look forward to going and feel sad when I have to miss a day.

Why have you stuck with BA for so long? 

Joining Back Alley has been a game changer for me…in an amazing way! I just turned 40, and I’m in better shape now than I was in my 20s! I love the whole philosophy behind CrossFit – Training for Life. As I get older, I want to be strong enough to do life things! I want to be able to keep up with my grandchildren and live long enough to see them have babies of their own! Back Alley has been the only fitness routine that I have actually stuck with since being a competitive swimmer in high school. I believe it’s because the workouts are fun, different every time, and I am able to see and track results.

Is there anything you appreciate about the coaching? 

Holy cow. I completely underestimate my abilities and what I am capable of accomplishing. Melissa has pushed me WAY out of my comfort zone. She has challenged me both mentally and physically and has been integral in helping me remove “I can’t” from my vocabulary. The coaches are fantastic. Each and every person gets individual attention when it comes to teaching and training movements. They are incredibly knowledgable and they truly want to see everyone to see results and reach their goals.

Are there any memories about the gym that stand out in your mind? 

This journey has surprised me in ways I can’t even express. A sweet friend, whom I never would have met had I not joined Back Alley, has revived my competitive spirit from my swimming days. Lindsey pushes me to be a better version of myself through her friendship, encouragement and support. I am so thankful for the day she reached out and helped me realize that doing personal sessions with our coach would be one of the best things I have ever done for myself. So, while accomplishing goals that I worked hard to achieve are certainly favorite memories of mine, committing to personal training sessions with Melissa and Lindsey is probably the one that stands out the most.

Is there anything you can do now that you never saw yourself doing? 

SO MANY THINGS! I think back to the first class when I watched people climb ropes and do handstands. I can do those now!!! Yes, even the scary handstands – that aren’t so scary anymore. I would say that the coolest thing I have done at the gym was getting that first pull up. I didn’t walk in to the gym that morning expecting to get my first pull up, or even attempt one. But when Melissa asked me to go for it, I knew deep down that I was ready – because she saw that I was. I just had to prove it to myself.

What type of workout gets you excited? What’s the most challenging?

I never thought I would say this, but I love the weight lifting. When I first started at Back Alley, the weight lifting intimidated me. Now I think it’s really fun. I also like AMRAP workouts (as many reps as possible in a certain amount of time). The most challenging movement for me right now is overhead squats…but I’m getting better at them! And running. I have never really enjoyed that.

Do you have any advice for someone considering BA but feels intimidated? 

Well, I know EXACTLY how that person feels! That was ME! My advice would be to take a deep breath and walk into Back Alley anyway. As soon as you do, you’ll be at ease. The community is amazing and the coaches will meet you where you are! You won’t be asked to do anything that you can’t do. It will be challenging, but it will also be fun. And it will be one of the best things you ever do for yourself, because you’ll finally get the results you you want. You have nothing to lose.

When you think about BA, what three words come to mind? 



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