Melissa’s Training tip of the Month: Nutrition Edition

So, you’ve bought in. You check Wodify at exactly 2pm everyday to start your WOD strategy. You’re hitting the gym 3-5+ days a week. You plan your recovery and you drink water like a camel. You have become a fitness machine…but, you still don’t feel like you look like one! What’s going on?

It’s time to talk nutrition.

There’s a ton of conflicting information out there about nutrition, and the magic pill industry makes billions off of people looking for results, just like you. The hard truth is that in life and fitness, there are rarely short cuts that result in lasting results. So where should you start?

Track Everything.

The first thing I recommend is to write down everything you eat and drink and don’t bullshit yourself. Don’t wait for a “good’’ week just evaluate the truth what is actually happening and then start with small changes. This could mean timing, portions, or food choices. Sometimes just being aware of what you are taking in is enough to bring change. The next thing is to be gentle and patient with yourself.

If you are trying to build strength and speed, your nutrition plan will look different than if you are trying to lean out.

Be Patient.

You didn’t gain the weight in a month, so don’t expect to lose it in a month either! It is recommended to lose 1-2 lbs of body fat a week, so if you want to drop 10 lbs allow yourself between 5 weeks and 3 months. It will take roughly the same amount of time for a strength program to take effect.

There are a lot of quick fixes and crazy ideas out there to promising zero effort, over the top results. The next time some hot piece of ass tells you to eat frozen grapefruit and magic rabbit turds to get a six pack and achieve all of your fitness goals, resist the urge! Treat nutrition like fitness: Set some goals, come up with a plan and commit!

Melissa Patriquin
CrossFit Coach and Personal Training Guru
Back Alley CrossFit