Have you met Lindsey Kriz? She is one of the quiet, hardworking women you’ll typically find in the 9 a.m. class. You might not even recognize her these days. She’s put in the hard work, day after day, and the results are showing.

Lindsey has an active history. She had an aggressive workout regime that mixed spinning, yoga, and running half + full marathons. But a high-risk pregnancy with twins halted all that. “I never thought I’d never be able to get back to that active state after babies,” Lindsey shared.

She found inspiration to try at a birthday party. There was a woman who had “legs of steel” and when Lindsey asked her how, CrossFit was the answer. Lindsey thought “game on.”

And “game on” it’s been.

Lindsey started at BACF in August 2014 for the 101 classes as a way to prepare for a Triathalon. But as we all know, once you drink the CrossFit kool-aid, it’s hard to stop.

This working mom doesn’t just have her hands full with two babies underfoot; she’s a perpetual student – now finishing her doctorate degree in May, in addition to being a Cardiology Nurse Practitioner, and being on faculty at ASU. As most parents know, for her to commit as much time as she does to CrossFit, it’s an amazing feat and she does it with a full load, too.

But, the results got her hooked and in November 2014, she started the regular CrossFit classes in addition to convincing her husband, John, to join. Despite some apprehension early on, she loves the comradery of the classes and Coach Melissa.

“I feel so fortunate to workout with Coach Melissa,” Lindsey said. “She is an incredible teacher and is so observant of where you’re at and pushes that “bar” just out of reach often enough to keep you motivated. John must have gotten sick of me always saying, “Melissa says…” that he finally decided to join. He has caught on quickly because he told me the other day, “I just do whatever Melissa tells me to do.””

So do we, Lindsey! Keep up the great work.

More on Lindsey:

Favorite quote: “Being powerful is like being a lady…if you have to tell people you are, you’re not.”

Eating habits: I must admit the whole paleo thing is still a big question mark for me, though I’m interested… While not Paleo, I have signed up for the Whole Life challenge. Who knows, maybe I’ll be the winner!

My proudest BA moment: A tie between my first handstand push up and first 20″ box jump! The comradery and encouragement makes the tough days awesome.