Learn to run like a champ!

Let’s talk about running. Hardly any of us consider ourselves good runners. Sometimes a 1/4 mile jog feels so uncomfortable that you wonder why anyone would run 10 times as far for fun!

Running is one of those things we can do for years with suboptimal form and technique. We keep trudging along until inevitably it all falls apart with a foot, knee or back injury. Take 6 weeks and let us show you how to run and prevent injury for years to come!

One of our best CrossFit coaches, Melissa Patriquin, also happens to be an endurance master and all around running machine. She’s been trained through CrossFit Endurance and has earned her USA Triathlon Level I. Melissa has been training endurance athletes for years, and she’s presenting  you with a challenge…to run a 5k, and run it like a champ.

Over 6 weeks, you’ll be learning the skills and drills to run…correctly. Our goals is to make it easier for you. We want to make running easy!

The program starts Tuesday, 10/14 and will run every Tuesday and Thursday at 530pm and every other Saturday at 9am. Melissa will be doing the coaching and programming; needless to say, this program will be in top notch. 

Combine the endurance program with one of our CrossFit programs and completely change your life!