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More classes!

Important announcement! Starting next week, the 10am CrossFit 101 class is 7 days a week! Your fitness is about to go crazy!

Labor Day Schedule

This Monday 9/1. We will have two “All Levels” classes at 8 and 9am! The rest of the weekend will be the normal schedule. Get your holiday started right!

2014 Paleo Challenge

It’s almost here. This year’s Paleo Challenge is going to be life changing. It all kicks off Monday, September 1st with a launch session Friday August 29th at 630pm.This year’s challenge will be 8 weeks long and combines both nutrition and fitness components. We’ll guide you on how to follow a Paleo lifestyle with food …
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Keep it positive!

It’s so disheartening to see negative comments about CrossFit, Insanity, Zumba, Hot Yoga or any other fitness program. These are all opportunities for people to improve their lifestyles through hard work and dedication. All of these programs break down the barriers between fitness and lifestyle. Everyday for years now, we see people smiling, hugging, giving …
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Members: Important info regarding retail purchases.

You may have noticed a $20 “Store Credit” charge on your account. With the new billing system we can no longer add retail purchases to your membership each month. With transaction fees, we can’t charge items individually without taking a loss. Rather than raising prices on little things like water, our solution is to use …
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Who’s CrossFitting for Free in May?

If you want to save some cash for that sweet pair of Lulu’s you’ve been eyeing, all you have to do is spread the word about Back Alley and we’ll hook you up! Rodney, Brooke and Kelly Roberts are WODing for free in May! Thank you so much for the referrals! Abbey Sherman scored herself …
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