How We Met: Tommy & Casey met online, of course….duhhhhhh. We had our first date in a dance club but upgraded to the roof top of Portland Place on our second date with WINE and CHEESE. (Lisa was not invited) and that is the same place we got engaged in 2012.

Funny Story: Casey and Tommy got a dog names Mr. Bates, aka Doo Tell, aka Show Can Doo Tell, and Tommy growing up on a farm never wanted a dog. Now they take Mr. Bates and turn him into part of any song they sign every day while getting ready in the morning. Whether it’s a Beyonce song, or singing Ooooh Child….. Taylor Swift, Shake it off…or Wrapped in red by Kelly Clarkson they know how to make Mr. Bates part of any song….. Also they always refer to each other as Lil Babe and Big Babe, but Pat has changed that to Big wood and Lil wood…..You be the judge

Back Alley: We have to thank Miss (that’s a lil’ too classy) Short for intruding us to Back Alley. But no matter what it has been one of the best things that has have ever happened to us…..Katy, Cody, Charlie and Pat made us feel welcome and want us to come back….Josh, John and Melissa made us work so hard so we look good 24/7, even during pool time….Lauren, Sam and Mark make us the best we can be. Back Alley is the best choice we have made other than each other and we love the people, friends – and family. Tommy is the champ, Casey is the drop in .

A Special Note: Casey & Tommy travel almost 75% for work, but as soon as they come back to town, they get right back to the Alley (mostly because of Gia, Adam and Eric Luke- because they force them too or ELSE. Also, Tommy is always trying to get the latest hair styles and fashion from Larrrrrrrr Bear – aka Larry – Have you seen that part (It’s totally natural), Tommy makes sure that his part meets or exceeds Larry’s overhead squat – every day!

Casey & Tommy love to travel, swim (if the sun isn’t out – Tommy will join), sit around the fire, camp and be with all of their friends. Most of all they love to go to Back Alley because they never thought that they would find such an amazing group of friends.