Nate & Kiley

What can be said about Nate and Kiley that has not already been said about Walker Texas Ranger?  Gritty, Good Lookin Butts in Jeans, and Roundhouse Kicks for Days…

A blossoming young relationship between these two began in the year of our lord 2009.  The location was Old Town Scottsdale, Arizona.

Nate stepped out of his beautiful used BMW, frosted tips and sequined shirt and jeans glistening in the summer sun.  He locked eyes with a young lady named Kiley, draped in black and yellow, running around yelling something about polka and steel curtains.  

It was a perfect match from the beginning.  The two decided to leave the land of spray tans and move to Uptown Phoenix to join a Crossfit gym where Nate would later be looked at as a father figure to many of the patrons and Kiley a feared competitor to female incumbents.

The rest is history….