Fun facts about Eric & Kristina, as told by Eric.

We have been together for a little over 2.5 years. We geek out over saltwater aquariums (yes, you read that right). We have an golden retriever and a cat that acts like a dog. We dance like fools. When there’s good snow, we ski (Eric) and snowboard (Kristina). If we need a quick get-away, we go on road-trips or camp or both. We’re loving going to CrossFit together at Back Alley.

Kristina: She has an unmatchable appreciation for living life to the fullest each day. She has hiked Machu Picchu and has her eyes set on Kilimanjaro, that is after rim-to-rim-to-rim in May. If she is not at BA, she’s most likely saving lives through organ donation, mountain or road biking, or sleeping (seriously, she can sleep anywhere, anytime).

Eric: He’s a Minnesotan at heart that loves the outdoors and being around family and friends. Would definitely climb Kilimanjaro with Kristina but would rather heli-ski in Alaska. If he’s not at BA, he’d rather be golfing, skiing, hiking, camping, or doing pretty much anything that involves water; but, most likely, he’s lawyering (civil litigation attorney).