We met at SHS. I was a sophomore he was a senior(97). Rodney came to all my Volleyball games and asked me for my phone number at least 3 times before he cornered me with a pen a paper. I agreed to a date and from then on we were a couple. Zachary entered our lives 2 years later. We grew as kids to parents really fast but best of all we grew together. For 10 years we worked on establishing careers, a home, and raising a feisty little boy. We married in Dec 2007 and welcomed Addison into our lives in June 2008. Our goal is to spend time as a family. We are part of a boys charity league, we ski in the winter and beach in the summer. We’re involved parents at both Sunnyslope High and Madison Simis.
Now we crossfit at BA! (Zach joins occasionally, or Josh Cunningham makes him do a WOD at school which is discussed at dinner). You’ll see Addie hanging in the kiddy cage or running around the gym.