Meet Tammy!

Tammy has been part of the Back Alley family for just over a year now, and what a fun and inspiring journey she’s had! Tammy is a registered nurse, wife, and now a CrossFit enthusiast. Before joining Back Alley she was on the path to finding her healthy journey, but couldn’t pin point the exact roads! Since then she’s accomplished so many great things: A half marathon (one of her big bucket list goals), the CrossFit Open, lost over 25 pounds, and has accomplished so many things in CrossFit she never thought she’d be able to do! You can find Tammy most often at the 9:00 am class crushing WODs!

What was your workout routine like before Back Alley?

Before Back Alley, I went to a regular gym here and there but never really stuck with it.

Do you remember your first day? What was it like?

Yes!! I thought, wow this is intense! What did I sign myself up for…I loved it but knew it would definitely push my limits!!

What is it like coming to the gym now?

It’s a part of my daily routine, the people there are my family…constantly inspiring and pushing me to be the best me and fight for my goals!

Why have you stuck with BA for so long?

Back Alley isn’t just a CrossFit gym to me, it’s so much more…it’s my community where I come to get away, get some laughs in, push myself, and surround myself with other people who aspire for the same things!!

Are there any memories about the gym that stand out in your mind?

I loved the Open! We all got to cheer one another on and find strengths we never knew we had. My friends were right there cheering me on when all I wanted to do was quit. It’s those times that keep me motivated and coming back for more!

Is there anything you appreciate about the coaching?

The coaches are incredible! They find my strengths and weaknesses both physically AND mentally. They’re able to encourage and motivate me in ways that allow me to break through those chains! I would not be where I am today in my fitness/health journey without them!

What’s the coolest thing you’ve done at the gym? Is there anything you can do now that you never saw yourself doing?
I’m constantly surprising myself…every so often I’m able to do something that in my head I thought I would never be able to do…my first rope climb was definitely a great feeling!!

What type of workout gets you excited? What’s the most challenging?

I love long circuit workouts because I know they help with my endurance and they get my adrenaline going. The WODs that include lots of lifting get me most excited…lifting is my favorite ?!
Do you have any advice for someone considering BA but feels intimidated?
I would say come join our family. At some point, every member walked into this gym for the first time, and has been in your shoes. There’s no better time than now to take control of your health and wellness. It’s intimidating to start, but every single person you meet will support you and help you find success!

When you think about Back Alley, what three words come to mind?

Strength, family, inspiration!!!

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