Around the Box: Barbell Club kicks off Aug 8th!!!

The next 6-Week Barbell Club kicks off August 8th. The sessions will be Monday at 730pm and Friday at 630pm. To insure quality coaching for every athlete, the program will be capped at 12 members. With expert programming by Melissa Patriquin and the finest coaching from Sam and Melissa, the Barbell Club will take your Olympic lifts from nope to dope.

If it sells out before you can get in, don’t stress, it’ll come around again soon! If you can’t wait, talk to Melissa or Sam about personal training options to clean up that snatch.

Check the Facebook group to sign up!

Note: The Friday Competition class is moving to 2pm. 

When: Monday at 730pm and Friday at 630pm
Where: Back Alley CrossFit
Cost: $60 for the 6-Week Session