Month: January 2020

Push Press Technique

The push press is the second movement in the series of shoulder presses. Compared to the shoulder press, the push press puts more emphasis on speed and coordination, but requires more core and shoulder strength than the push jerk. Learn the perfect form for the push press with Back Alley Crossfit Level 3 coach, Melissa …
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Shoulder Press Technique

The shoulder press is most basic method of moving an object from the shoulder to overhead. Compared to the push press and push jerk, the shoulder press utilizes pure core and shoulder strength with less emphasis on speed and coordination. Learn the perfect should press form from Crossfit Level 3 coach, Melissa Patriquin. She breaks …
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Push Jerk Technique

The push jerk is the third progression in the series presses, which includes the shoulder press, push press and push jerk. The push jerk allows you to move an object from the shoulders to overhead as efficiently as possible with less emphasis on pure shoulder and core strength and more emphasis on speed and coordination. …
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Member Profile – Jill B

Jill joined Back Alley CrossFit April, 2018, and prior to joining she hadn’t been working out at all. She initially started with the HIIT program, and later transitioned into the Fitness and CrossFit programs. Check out the video to see her story!