Month: January 2015

Member of the Moment: Ryan Hensley

If you haven’t met Ryan Hensley, you are missing out! Member since: July 2013 Occupation: Asset Analyst for APS Fun Facts: lived in Switzerland, avid baker and seamstress, has an adorable 3 year old named Asher Usually attends: 4:30 or 5:30pm

Member of the Moment: Kimmie Wright

Member Since: 2013 Occupation: Investigative Specialist for the Department of Child Safety Fun Facts: obsessed with penguins, left handed, went streaking through her HS quad! Usually Attends: 6:30pm class

Training Tip of the Month: Intensity rocks but respect the movement.

We all want to leave the box feeling like we left everything on the floor. It’s understandable. It’s the drive that makes us successful in everything we do, and we would never ask for anything less. However, remember that every single WOD is practice. The gym is a lab where we do controlled movements while …
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Member Profile: Leslie Spector (Part 2)

A year ago, we featured Phoenix, Ariz., native Leslie Spector, who was pregnant with baby #2, and an advocate for CrossFitting while pregnant. Today, Leslie has not only shed the baby weight, she is also one of our paleo challenge champions. Her motivation to sign up for the paleo challenge was to lose the pesky …
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