Month: January 2015

Members of the Moment: Damaris & Marisa Arvizu

Damaris Arvizu Member Since: April 2014 Occupation: Property Manager for 3 Fun Facts: She has two adorable boys, got engaged over Christmas, and is very competitive. Usually Attends: Any class before 11am Marisa Arvizu Member Since: April 2014 Occupation: Medical biller & student 3 Fun Facts: She has 5 dogs and 3 cats, use …
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Member of the Moment: Krystan Dale

Member Since: May 2014 Occupation: Realtor for Home Smart Fun Facts: Lived in San Fransisco and New York, is trying to survive living with three teen-aged daughters, knows how to tap dance! Usually Attends: 10am 101

Member of the Moment: Mike Campillo

Member Since: June 2013 Occupation: Lawyer Fun Facts: Loves to ski, was a high school pole-vaulter, married and father of Lucia, 10 and Gabe, 8! Usually Attends: 5:30pm class

Member of the Minute: Marie Quinn

Member Since: September 2014 Occupation: Audio Engineer at Phoenix Theater Fun Facts: Is a late-blooming science fiction fan, did her first CrossFit WOD in a garage gym exactly a year ago today! (1/15/14), was on a step team in 6th grade! Usually Attends: 9am or 3:30pm

Member of the Moment: Alex Sniegowski

Member Since: May 2014 Occupation: sells handbags at Neiman Marcus Fun Facts: Has a 3 legged dog, lived in Madrid, and dreamt of being a country music start! (No, really she’s a good singer!) Usually attends: 7:30am class