Month: October 2014

Check-in for a cause!

During the month of November, every time you check-in on Facebook, we will donate 25 cents toward the Saint Vincent Christmas Angel program! All the money we raise will be used buy toys and clothes for kids who could use an awesome Christmas.

Yes! More weight and shiny new bars!

We just got another 1500lbs of bumper weights from Again Faster, and recently asked some some shiny new Rogue men’s and women’s bars for your lifting pleasure! Sorry ladies, you can still only fit like 400lbs on the bar.

Paleo Challenge: Week 8!

Here we are, getting ready to start the last week of the Paleo Challenge. Some of us have managed to stay on track the whole time but a lot of us have started to waiver a bit (or maybe a lot). I’ll bet each of us has at least seen how dramatically our diet affects …
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Barbells for Boobs this Friday, no other afternoon classes.

Just a reminder that Friday night we have Barbells for Boobs at 530pm. Invite your friends, bring some food, bring a drink and have a hell of a good time! There are no afternoon classes that day, but the morning classes will be the normal schedule!

Grow your own sh$t!

Artichokes are one of the easiest vegetables to grow in AZ. Even better the cost of the plant is just about the same as single artichoke in the store! The key is that the plant needs a cold spell to flower. If you plant it in the fall, and you’ll have artichokes in the spring! …
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